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Palermo - The 384 Festival Saint Rosalia
More than 400,000 people took part in the biggest international event organized to demand the release of all persons who remain in the hands of kidnappers.

The event, led by Alfio Scuderia, was hosted this year by LIGHT TO FREEDOM, in honor of all victims of kidnapping in the world.

To open the festival will be 2 personalities that have marked the history of Palermo: Claudio Gioè interpreter of the film "Piano, only", “ Capo dei Capi” and Pino Caruso.

During the show, was an intervention of its excellence Nunzio Alfred D'Angieri, Belize's Ambassador in Italy, to inform the public about this big problem that we live in today

 "Do not forget the victims of these crimes. This year's celebrations are dedicated to all those kidnapped in the world, the release in recent days of Ingrid Betancourt, seems a sign of fate, our patron, is a hope for those who remain seized. "- explains D'Angieri.

At the end of these words was lighted up a Light (the same light that is used Ground Zero in New York), lighting around Palermo, to remind all persons seized, children, women and men at all latitudes.

To conclude with this wonderful evening, more than 400,000 people were present for a fireworks show outside the Common, with miles of distance and height, lasting an hour and playing to the beat of the music.

One more time, his excellent Nunzio Alfred D 'Angeri, Ambassador of Belizean to Italy, along with HE Sabas Pretelt de la Vega Ambassador of Colombia to Italy and Ambassador from Nicaragua Piero Coen Montealegre, thanks Palermo for hosting this important cause, and give especial thanks to the Mayor Mr. Diego Cammarrata and to SE Mons. Romeo archbishop of Palermo.

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