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Supporters of the Project

Ambasciatore S.E. A. D'Angieri Nunzio A. D’Angieri
Ambassador of Belize in Italy
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The Project

Il ProgettoTo inform public opinion of the problem of kidnapping, as a crime against humanity, which targets children, women and men indistinctly, to the detriment of culturally differing countries.

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The project comprises:

The publication of a book containing the thoughts of world-renowned women
Turning on a light for freedom so that kidnapped hostages throughout the world are not forgotten

Involving leading Higher Education establishments, to enable young people to create a chain of solidarity using their intellectual skills

The purposes of the project

To inform public opinion of the problem of kidnapping, as a crime against humanity, which targets children, women and men indistinctly, to the detriment of culturally differing countries.

Hostages are taken not only for financial and political reasons but above all to secure the release of members of extremist groups or as a means of financing increased violence.

In Colombia, for example, terrorist groups keep the hostages in chains in the jungle, subjected to all kinds of cruelty and under deplorable living conditions.
In the past 10 years they have kidnapped about 300 children.

Little is certainly known internationally about this bleak state of affairs, which has perhaps been "deliberately" kept quiet.

The Light for Freedom book

The sentiments of the women leaders quoted in the book will be introduced by a few words of His Holiness Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II

The work will send out messages of peace and solidarity from women of international renown, outstanding for the excellence of their achievements in the fields of science, culture, social work, politics and charity, to be used to appeal for the unconditional release of all the children, women and men in the world who are being held hostage.

The book will also contain photographs of the protagonists (who have given their prior approval).

The idea of only calling on women to speak out is due to the fact that since women represent the source of life, their particular sensitivity enables them to address such burning and dramatic issues, by touching the very core of the human spirit.

The purpose of the book is to disseminate worldwide familiarity with one of the great crimes against humanity, the problem of kidnappings, with no political or profit motive, highlighting the violation of human rights and the manipulation of human lives, viewed as tradeable commodities.

A Light for Freedom

Switching on a light for freedom so that hostages worldwide are not forgotten

"A Light for freedom" was first announced publicly on 25 July 2007 in Rome, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps and simultaneously in Milan, in La Scala Square, as a joint initiative of the Ambassador of Belize, H.E. Nunzio Alfred D'Angieri and the Ambassador of Colombia to Italy, H.E. Sabas Pretelt De La Vega, thanks to the contribution made by the Mediaset and Sky networks.
On that occasion, Rita Levi Montalcini and the Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, signified their solidarity and lent their support to the project.

Beams of lights 7 metres high were turned on, and in addition to the important messages of the civil authorities, the events were attended by thousands of people dressed in white, offering their testimonies and expressing solidarity with the kidnapped hostages.
The purpose is to sensitise the hearts of violent people throughout the world, so that they will perform a gesture of love and give up their criminal designs.
After those two events other demonstrations of the same kind were held in Florence and in 30 other towns and cities in Colombia, and as a result of this, nine Colombian hostages have already been given their freedom.